Two killed in Kakuma fighting

May 5, 2009 12:00 am

, KAKUMA, Kenya, May 5 – At least two people were killed on Tuesday and scores others wounded in Kakuma town following day long running battles between residents and anti riot police.

The residents accused numerous Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) operating there of preferring human resource from other districts while neglecting locals.

"These NGOs working under the UNHCR cannot even employ a Turkana to be a toilet cleaner," said local leader Elimlim Columbus.

The locals held a peaceful march to the local provincial administration offices before heading to a nearby stadium.

Witnesses said riots started when police officers stormed a planned meeting between the locals and representatives of the NGOs to discuss the issue.

"As we were waiting in the stadium, the police and the GSU came in and started attacking our people indiscriminately while using live bullets," he said.

The residents urged the Ministry of Labour and human right organizations to intervene and ensure the alleged discrimination is stopped.

"We are asking the government to move fast and resolve this issue before it escalates because we are not going to relent until our welfare is taken care of," Mr Elimlim said.

The protests paralysed business in the area and affected the busy Kakuma refugee Camp which serves over 70,000 people from neighbouring countries that have been at war.


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