Political unity crucial to reforms: ACK

May 24, 2009 12:00 am

, NYAHURURU, Kenya, May 24 – The Anglican church of Kenya (ACK) has called on political leaders to immediately start efforts to build consensus on contentious issues in the constitution review process.

Nyahururu ACK diocese Bishop Rev. Charles Gaikia says the committee of experts should work with political leaders to ensure a common approach to expedite the realization of a new constitution.

“My proposals are informed by the fact that politicians have in the past been the major stumbling block to the enactment of a new constitution,” he said.

Rev. Gaikia has appealed to the lawmakers to put national interest first while working on a new law.

“This is the only way to ensure the new constitution will benefit the nation and ensure justice for all,” he said.

The ACK prelate urged political leaders and the civil society to support the Nzamba Kitonga led team of experts so that they can successfully conclude constitution writing process.

He said the new constitution should ensure equitable distribution of national resources.

"Some of our MPs in the past did not show commitment towards realization of a new constitution and that is why many areas are still lagging behind in terms of development due to bad politics," said the clergyman.

Speaking during Sunday Service at the Nyahururu ACK Cathedral church, Rev. Gaikia also called on other religious leaders and organizations to recognize their role in uniting the country.

“They should undertake actions which will promote peace, justice and social harmony,” he said.

“The government and the civil society need to immediately begin investing in efforts geared towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals and the Vision 2030 to help Kenya become self reliant.”


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