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NCBDA backs Kisia appointment

NAIROBI, Kenya, May 2 – The business community has welcomed the appointment of Philip Kisia as the Nairobi Town Clerk.

Officials of the Nairobi Central Business District said on Saturday that they expected Mr Kisia’s tenure at City Hall to be marked by professionalism in the management of affairs.

"We wish to state that we do not want to see internal wars which are a common feature at City Hall and hope that the management of city affairs can be taken to the next level.  Mediocre politicking must now come to an end at City Hall," NCBDA chairman Timothy Muriuki said.

The NCBDA issued a seven-point agenda it wants the new Town Clerk to tackle.

It includes insecurity, easing traffic congestion, public accountability on city hall accounts, use of information communication technology, participation in public transport, staff rationalisation, and forging ahead with ongoing projects.

"Nairobians have seen insecurity creeping back to the city even in the CBD.  muggings, carjackings and shop robberies are recurring at a very fast rate.  Whereas it is the role of the police and provincial administration to curb insecurity, we would want to see total participation of City Hall though the office of the Town Clerk," he said.

He said that traffic congestion continued to stifle growth with wasted man hours.

"We want authorities to move fast to phase out 14-seater matatus which contribute to traffic congestion.    Huge trucks that are allowed to pass through the city should also be regulated," Mr Muriuki said.

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The NCBDA suggested that City Hall should publish its accounts in the press for scrutiny by the public.

"We must have quarterly and annual budgets published so that the public is able to seen and scrutinise revenue projections and plans for spending."

Mr Muriuki said it was essential for the city council to fully computerise its operations to ensure more efficiency.

"It is frustrating to see that payment to a service provider passes through 28 stages before it is finally paid.  This provides fertile ground for corruption and manipulation.  If all this is computerised, there will be more efficiency.  City Hall must be fully IT compliant."

The association proposed greater involvement in the management of public transport to ensure better management of the sector.

"City Hall to regulate fares because Nairobians are being exploited by matatus with arbitrary hikes in fares especially when it rains.  Regulation of routing with the Transport Licensing Board is also necessary to ensure public transport is better organised."

Mr Muriuki also called for staff rationalisation to root out ghost workers from City Hall and ensure competence is matched with tasks.

"In conclusion, City Hall through the new Town Clerk should be at the forefront in championing the Metropolitan Strategy in order to realise the plans that have been set out.  We also request the Town Clerk to be sensitive to informal traders through the establishment of proper markets."

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