Nairobi readies for musicality quality

May 27, 2009 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, May 27 – Although he is smiling in the picture, musician Victor Seii is an angry man, or maybe I should say mighty irked.

That’s why he is hoping to embarrass people with money bags, be they corporates or individuals, to invest in local talent until it can sustain itself.

“Kenyan corporates need to realise how much talent is going to waste. I don’t have a lot of money, but I will do this and very soon everyone will want to come on board,” he told me on Wednesday morning.

Mr Seii was making reference to a concert that his record label Modern World Music is organising with all the former 13 contestants of Tusker Project Fame (TPF).

Using the name ‘From Then to Now’; Esther, Wendy, David, Victor, Steve, Jacob, Hemedi, Felly, Lina, Magdaline, Alice Winfrey and Naava will strut their vocals in a celebration of songs that they have written since the end of the competition last year.

“Music competitions such as these (TPF) should be used as a stepping stone and contestants should not be abandoned after that. There is life after the competition and the contestants should be guided on this,” he argued.

Mr Seii promised that the live performance at Club Galileo will be mind-blowing and is confident that with the works he has arranged; the showbiz lull will screech to a halt from exactly 8.30pm on Sunday, May 31.

“Musicality, quality and performance,” he said, adding, “Celebrated designers Kaveke, Patricia Mbela, K2 and Vishal will dress the stars.”

Save Victor, who has been belting songs with Christian rock bands Christ Boyz and Imara, every other contestant has recorded at least two songs.

Playboy Hemedi has recorded his first album “Brown Colour”, and even acted in not one, not three, but six movies! These include Who is smarter?, Wrong number, Trip to America, Kaburi Moja and Addicted to Drugs.

Winner Esther who is only 22 has written 100 songs, recorded an 11-track album with Gallo Records in South Africa, co-produced by Tshaka Mayanja.

David Ogola, aka D-Major has an album out called ‘A Love Story’. Diva Wendy says she is busy with school and will graduate next semester, but that her upcoming album featuring hits such as ‘Clande’, ‘Dry my eyes’ and ‘Haiwi’ is almost complete.

Linda went back to singing with the Machozi band (with Lady Jay Dee), Jacob is writing and recording at “No End Entertainment” in Kampala.

There’s more! Winfrey has recorded three songs two of which are in collaboration with Naava, who has been composing and writing songs. Man like Steve has started a jazz band dubbed Nguvu; Alice is working with local TV station; Felly is a juggler who is good at tossing round gigs, song writing and studying, while Magdalene, ‘Sweet Jesus’ hopes to finalise her debut album by December 2009…

The first artist signed on by Modern World Music is Harry Kimani, who is currently working on his new album, due out in October this year.

See you Sunday!


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