Kibaki son kicks off youth initiative

May 27, 2009 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, May 27 – President Mwai Kibaki’s son Jimmy is set to launch a youth initiative to champion the interests of young people.

Jimmy met with Mutito MP Kiema Kilonzo and political activist Tony Gachoka at a Nairobi hotel on Wednesday and said plans for the launch of the movement were in top gear. The meeting of the three, they said, was part of the strategy.

“We were discussing ways of getting youths involved in the politics of this country. We want to get involved in the Constitution review and changing the virtues of the political system,” Jimmy said of the intiative.

“The initiative will involve youths from all sectors of the country, youthful Members of Parliament and youthful entrepreneurs.  Wherever the youths are we are going to engage them.”
Mr Kilonzo said the initiative that would cut across the political and tribal borders is eying the new constitution and the implementation of Agenda Four as the first point of entry. He said they would ensure that the youth push for the implementation of the reforms under Agenda Four.

“We want to hear the youths in Mombasa, Turkana, Nyeri, Nairobi, Kisumu and all over the country saying our time is now; we are not going to leave the Constitution of this country to the people who are now on their sunset days,” the Mutito MP said.

Mr Kilonzo urged youthful legislators to back the inititive that seeks to empower the youth.

Mr Gachoka says the initiative to be launched in Mutito constituency soon will incorporate the young beyond the political class.

“We want this country to be governed by laws and not by men. We want to put together a framework through Agenda Four and make sure that we are championing the supremacy of the Kenyan constitution and the right of Kenyans to make it,” he said.

The three said the champions of the initiative who are to be unveiled will go round the country to popularise it and bring on board everyone. They said that various strategy meetings on the movement had taken place.

“When we come to 2012, we want to see young people coming out to say it is their time to make Kenya a better place for all of us,” Mr Kilonzo said.

The younger Kibaki is touted to be eying to succed his father in Othaya when he retires in 2012 and has in the last few months appeared in public meeting with a cross section of politicians at fund-raisers and other public forums.


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