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Kenya sex boycott a success, says G10

NAIROBI, Kenya, May 2 – A  lobby that initiated a seven-day sex boycott to push for constitutional and other institutional reforms claims the ban has been overwhelmingly successful so far.

The consortium of women lobbies known as G10 said on Saturday that the campaign had gathered momentum across the country with supporters signing a petition as a show of commitment to the cause.

“The boycott set off like a wildfire and is now the subject of most conversations in most homes where parties have taken time to reflect on our country’s leadership and critical issues of importance as a nation,” officials said at a news conference.

The lobby said the ban had also received backing from Kenyans in the Diaspora who called in to voice support.

“Indeed, the whole country is galvanised around the call to action.  The G10 is also pleased to announce it has drawn up performance contracts for the two principals.”

They said they expected to present the contracts to the offices of President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga on May 8.

“The G10 is confident that the principals will sign the contracts as any action to the contrary would be confirmation of a lack of commitment, bad faith and contempt for the people of Kenya on their part and lack of concern for the plight of most Kenyans.”

The performance contracts are based on five key issues informed by lack of leadership on the part of the two leaders.

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They include insecurity, failure by the PM to carry out his duties, inequitable distribution of wealth, tribalism, and erosion of faith in national institutions.

The lobby said it had set up cells in all provinces where those supporting the sex ban could register.

The ban which took effect on Wednesday has received the backing of Mr Odinga’s wife Ida who said she would support it “100 per cent.”

At the time, the officials admitted it would be difficult to monitor the effectiveness of the campaign but would reply on the goodwill and integrity of supporters.

The G10 members said while President Kibaki and Mr Odinga engaged in power games, the country risked plunging into anarchy as hostility between their supporters was renewed by the bickering over positions.

The latest row revolved around the leadership of the House Business Committee, which the Speaker of the National Assembly Kenneth Marende temporarily resolved after he declared himself interim chairman.

But the G10 coalition said Mr Marende’s ruling only served to provide temporary reprieve and soon the two principals will resort to more power games.

Sex boycotts have successfully been used in Africa, European and North American countries.

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