Kenya leaders in anti Mungiki drive

May 6, 2009 12:00 am

, NYANDARUA, Kenya, May 6 – Leaders from Nyandarua North district have embarked on a mission to sensitise the young people on the dangers of associating themselves with un-licenced groups in the country.

Led by area District Commissioner Hassan Omar Farah, they are urging the youth to engage themselves in initiatives that will help in developing the nation.

“There is a dire need to embrace dialogue, guidance and counseling to the Kenyan youths instead of branding them names associated with criminal activities,” Mr Farah said.

The leaders also resolved to hold dialogue with the members of the proscribed Mungiki sect so as to end ruthless killings allegedly caused by the sect in Central province.

The delegation that included the provincial administration, church leaders, school heads, local politicians and elders of the Kikuyu community resolved to engage the youths in dialogue.

Speaking at a stakeholders meeting at Mairo-Inya trading centre, the leaders said that counseling the youths was the only solution to end the menace as most of them had engaged themselves in illegal activities.

Mr Farah who chaired the meeting said all stakeholders in the society should be engaged in solving the spread of Mungiki menace in Central Province.

He said the fight against such criminal activities cannot be left to the government alone saying it required concerted efforts by all Kenyans to ensure the battle is a success.

The D.C regretted that most of the youths had been recruited in illegal gangs due to lack of proper guidance from their parents and challenged them to play their role responsibly in changing the trend.

He observed that most of the youths in the region had been recruited to join the illegal sects especially during the school holidays.

“We have already have some 125 youths who were recently recruited to join the sect arrested in the last four days,” the DC said.

He called on the local communities living in the area to go back to their culture saying that abandoning it had contributed to the youths butchering one another.

“We should go back to our culture where the elders advised the youths during their free time. The trend has already changed in this region as most of us have abandoned our culture,” noted the D.C.

The administrator at the same time said that the government has set aside Sh15 million to build a youth education centre at Leshau trading center in Ndaragwa division to enable local youths access useful information that can help them in their day-to-day life.

The meeting comes at a time when the government has launched a crackdown on members of the outlawed Mungiki adherents in the region.

Last weekend 98 suspects were rounded up by the security officers drawn from the Rapid Deployment Unit to ensure the sect does not cause mayhem in the district.


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