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Kenya backs full Sudan peace pact

KISUMU, Kenya, May 3 – Prime Minister Raila Odinga on Saturday said the government backed the full implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement which brokered a truce between warring factions in Sudan.

Mr Odinga said the agreement signed between the Northern Arabs and the majority Christians in the South of the troubled country was crucial to lasting peace in the East African region.

He said the Kenyan government which was instrumental in brokering peace in 2005 was concerned about the plight of many innocent lives which were shuttered during the conflict.

“We sympathise with the people of Southern Sudan for what they have undergone and that is why nobody should sabotage the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement,” Odinga said in Kisumu at a dinner party held in honour of visiting President of the semi autonomous Republic of Southern Sudan, Salva Kiir.

He said Kenyans were eager to see through the eventual freedom of all native African communities in the continent.

He assured the Sudanese people that the government was determined to foster bilateral ties with the horn of African nation to activate faster development and economic growth in the region.

The Prime Minister said plans were underway to construct railway link to Juba from the proposed Lamu free port to open up the region to the international waters and attract investment along the transit routes through which the communication network would pass.

On his part, President Kiir said the road to peace in Sudan was hard fought with pain and sorrow as close to three million lives were lost during the conflict.

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He said the tragic death of his predecessor Dr John Garang was a major blow but expressed optimism that things were likely to work out well as long as all parties in the Comprehensive Peace agreement kept their word.

President Kiir who jetted into the country over the weekend was later awarded an honorary degree at the Great Lakes University for his devotion and selfless courage in fighting for the liberation of the people of Southern Sudan.

The graduation ceremony held at the Tom Mboya Labour College saw at least 2000 graduands awarded with diplomas and doctorate degrees in Health, Nutrition and Nursing.

Chairman of the Luo Council of Elders Riaga Ogalo later bestowed Kiir with Luo traditional cultural regalia and installed his as one of the elders in the community for his role in the Sudan conflict and offered their blessing in his endeavours.


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