Celebrating migratory birds

May 9, 2009 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, May 9 – Kenya joined 45 other countries to celebrate the World Migration Bird Day on Saturday amid concern that the country may lose the regular flock of different species.

Nature Kenya Communications Coordinator Serah Munguti told Capital News that natural barriers worsened by destruction of the wetlands may stop migratory birds from coming to Kenya.

“We are creating awareness telling people that they need to appreciate the natural phenomenon. They need to conserve the wetlands to keep the birds coming to Kenya,” she said.

She said the birds are an important tourist attraction and that Kenya may lose this resource pool if it does not conserve its wetlands.

The two -day World Migration Bird Day celebrations seeks to create awareness about the birds and the need to conserve the environment.

She said thousands of different species of birds fly to Kenya every year from Europe during the winter seasons.

Ms Munguti noted the birds were an attraction and if Kenya did not conserve its wetlands tourists will no longer have a reason to visit.

The environmentalist also called on the government to coordinate private and public sectors to preserve Kenya’s forests.

“The government need to work with the public to practise afforestation. Stop cutting down trees and sensitise people on the need to care for the environment,” she said.

Ms Munguti said the celebrations held in Malindi had attracted different environmental organisations, schools as well as public and private institutions all with a common goal of making the public aware of the migratory birds and how Kenya can hold on the unique phenomenon.

The World Migration Bird Day is celebrated every May.


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