10 washed by floods after heavy rains

April 20, 2009 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 20 – At least ten people are feared dead and close to 1,000 others rendered homeless by flash floods in Turkana and Nyando districts.

Heavy rains in the region have caused havoc in the districts, sweeping away tens of heads of livestock and destroying homesteads since the floods hit on Sunday.

In Nyando district, three minors and two elderly persons were among those killed when Nyalbiengo and Nyando rivers burst their banks.

Speaking in Kisumu, Western Kenya Red Cross regional coordinator Pamela Indiakha confirmed the deaths, stating that most of the damage occurred after the two rivers burst.

At the same time Mrs Indiakha raised concern over the emergence of water borne diseases.

“With toilets being washed away sanitation becomes an issue, and we may see water borne related diseases being reported,” she expressed.

The rains, which had been eagerly awaited by many, turned to be source of grief for residents of the areas badly affected, what with people dying and homes being destroyed.

Kenya Red Cross personnel assisting with the rescue and evacuation exercise have reported that flood victims were now moving to higher ground and are in urgent need of food, clothing and shelter as the rains continue to pour.

The victims asked the government and well wishers to assist them with tarpaulin tents, malaria and cholera drugs, food and clothes.

Flash floods have become common phenomena in the country and nearly always after months of prolonged dry conditions. Every year, residents of Budalangi are forced to leave their homes after floods strike. This area has however not experienced heavy rains so far.

The rainy season is forecasted to last until June.



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