Thug shot dead after daylight robbery

April 14, 2009 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 14 – A suspected robber was shot dead by police on Nairobi’s Mfangano Street moments after he and three others allegedly stole Sh1 million from a trader in the city.

In the Monday morning incident, the gang is said to have snatched the money from the trader near Electricity House, as the businessman headed to bank the money after the long Easter weekend.

However, drama began when members of the public confronted the gang after they had grabbed the cash.

Witnesses told Capital News that the thugs began hurling wads of cash at those confronting them and even shot two of them on the leg to try and distract the mob.

“He was using a Citi Hoppa bus to shield himself from the police. Initially he threw notes at members of public to distract them,” Judy Muthoni, a worker at one of the mobile phone stalls told Capital News.

It’s understood that almost the entire loot was strewn on the street before police on patrol caught up with the ringleader and gunned him down.

“The plainclothes policeman cornered the robber superbly. He rolled on the ground like those people in the movies and shot him,” a guard at a nearby building said.

"Members of the public finally helped corner him as he tried to escape after being shot,” the guard added.

The suspect’s three accomplices managed to escape in the confusion, minus the heist.



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