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Take a cue from Karua, CK tells leaders

NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 6 – Capital Group Chairman Chris Kirubi has urged leaders to respect the wishes of Kenyans and quickly address issues that affect them.

Mr Kirubi says Kenyans are now attuned to concerns around them and leaders must know that the citizens are demanding more from the coalition government.

 “Matters of governance and principles are key issues to Kenyans. The government must spearhead reforms on how we manage our environment, forest reserves. The government must improve quality of education, create job opportunities – these are key issues Kenyans are yearning for from the coalition,” he said after viewing comments posted on the Capital News website following the resignation of former Justice and Constitution Affairs Minister Martha Karua on Monday.

 He said the Ms Karua’s resignation has helped to heighten issues that of concern to Kenyans: “It is important for leaders in this country to help rebuild hope and confidence of all Kenyans. Besides our foreign investors who are reading these mixed signals may opt to postpone their intended investments in this country.”

He also said continued wrangling among the coalition partners was also rubbing Kenyans in the Diaspora who want to come back and invest in the country the wrong way.

"We need to rebuild confidence in our country’s economy that the coalition government had promised to achieve. Let’s hope our Vision 2030 does not remain just a vision. God bless Kenya,” Mr Kirubi said.

He said Kenyans were crying out aloud to their leaders to forget politicking and get down working and uplifting the aspirations of the hardworking members of the public.

“Why do our leaders spend a lot of time and energy blaming each other or talking about their personal ambitions and interests? When will they deal with issues that are dear to Kenyans? During this time of the economic downturn and drought, Kenyans are wondering when will their issues be attended to?”

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He added: “When our top leaders go to exclusive holiday resorts only to decide that they are not going to talk on any issues concerning Kenyans… it’s an expensive venture whose bill is footed by the Kenyan taxpayer.   Yet the agenda and a reconciliatory chair for that kind of a meeting would have done a lot to save the day.”

Mr Kirubi advised the leaders to take cue from Ms Karua and stand by their principles and give Kenyans what they were promised in the manifesto of the coalition government.

“From all the reports we are receiving in our media, Kenyans are wondering when their fortunes will improve.”
Ms Karua resigned from her position citing frustration from some of her colleagues in the government.


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