Rubbish, Michuki says of Muite claims

April 9, 2009 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 9- Cabinet Minister John Michuki has dismissed assassination claims by former Kabete Member of Parliament Paul Muite as a political gimmick.

Mr Michuki said on Thursday that the former legislator was just exaggerating to get political sympathy.

“To add value to what, what value?” the Minister posed.

“I get amazed with allegations that people make. The guilty are always afraid; they are always looking over their shoulders and they look harassed like a photograph I saw this morning,” he said in reference to Mr Muite. 

On Wednesday, Mr Muite claimed that the feared ‘Kwekwe’ squad – a crack police unit – had been instructed to kill him. He said this could have been as a result of recent statements he made connecting the First Family to the 2005 Standard Group raid. The raid had been ordered by Michuki, who was in charge of Internal Security at the time.

But on Thursday, Mr Michuki added that the government or its agencies were under no obligation to explain the raid, saying it was conducted in ‘national interest’.

“So why don’t you put the matter to a stop because no government that respects itself will ever tell you why. All they know is that they averted something that was not to the interest of the nation,” he said.

The Minister accused the former legislator of pushing the issue of the raid “as if it was a family business.”

“Doesn’t he have any other agenda or has he become the major shareholder of Standard?” he questioned.

“I can’t see any rational reason why he should be so passionate about an issue concerning a newspaper which is very rich and can handle it. So what is it that motivates him?”

Mr Michuki said he had instructed his lawyers to enjoin these fresh allegations with the previous similar allegations that touch on his credibility for due justice.

“May I categorically state that it is within public domain that the former MP has been undergoing a political crisis and I am not part and parcel of his problems and he should learn to carry his own cross and stop seeking cheap publicity and unwarranted favours from foreigners,” he said.



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