PNU suspends political rallies

April 10, 2009 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 10 – The Party of National Unity has suspended plans to hold countrywide political rallies owing to the current challenges facing the country.

In a press statement read on behalf of the coalition, Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka at his Jogoo House office said the idea of holding such rallies was undesirable and its implementation could not work well for the country.
Mr. Musyoka who was flanked by Deputy Prime Minister, Uhuru Kenyata and Internal Security Minister, George Saitoti, said the coalition took into consideration that Kenyans are yet to heal from the trauma of the post election trauma while the resettlement of the Internally Displace Persons was not yet complete.
“Difficult memories of ‘Mass Action’ and their consequences are still in the minds of the people, and the wounds inflicted thereby are only now getting to heal’, the statement read in part.
PNU had earlier in the week announced the rallies to popularise the party after coalition partners blamed them for frustrating reforms.
The Vice President said the priority of the government, Kenyan society and its neighbour’s government now is to promote national healing and reconciliation.
Mr. Musyoka said Kenyans have resolved to move away from political means that may jeopardize their harmony or trigger off blood letting that would disrupt education, farming business and farming among other crucial sectors that supports economy.
“These Methods, the statement read, usually polarize and hurt people we lead. The Kenyan people are now aware that the practice of decent politics is well within reach”.
The Vice President said the PNU coalition was concerned with the plight of Kenyans who are currently striving to cope with adverse effects of the ravaging droughts and famine.
Mr. Musyoka emphasized that all energies should be redirected towards addressing the challenges through famine relief food distribution, and subsidizing farm inputs among other strategies.
He pointed out that the country needs to put in place measures to mitigate against the impact of the current global financial crisis to Kenyans.
The Vice President reiterated that continuous dialogue, Mutual Understanding and honesty was the way forward for the Grand Coalition Government to succeed in its quest to deliver services to the citizenry.
“Parliament reopens next week and therefore let us give this and such other forums a chance for decent dialogue," he said.



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