NCC wins parking fees battle

April 1, 2009 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 1 – The High Court on Wednesday ruled that Nairobi City Council (NCC) was justified to double parking fees in the Central Business District (CBD).

Justice Joseph Nyamu said NCC had complied with all the regulations under the local government Act and that the Local Government Minister had also approved the increment from Sh70 to Sh140 per parking.

Justice Nyamu said he believed the increase was meant to help decongest the city.

He said: “To my mind it is a worldwide phenomenon that the parking in the CBD is made deliberately expensive so as to decongest them. It has not been proven that the respondents took into account irrelevant considerations or that they failed to take into account any relevant considerations as per the Local Government Act,” he said.

He dismissed an application filed by Fred Obachi Machoka and two others challenging the decision by NCC to increase the parking fees.

Justice Nyamu said the court could not direct an order against a decision contained in the gazette notice last October.

The applicants had moved to court to challenge NCC for doubling the parking fee and accused them of failing to provide an efficient transport system in the city.

Despite doubling the parking fee, parking space still remains a dream to many drivers within the CBD.

A car owner who works in the CBD told Capital News, “Sometimes you have to pay 100 shillings on top of the 140 just to book a parking space.”

The double parking fee was announced in a gazette notice in October last year and the new law was implemented on November 3, the same year.

Under the new law motorists parking in private spaces operated by NCC were required to pay Sh200 per day, up from Sh100.

The loading bay annual charge also went up from Sh60,000 to Sh100,000.



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