Karua rallies Kenyans eyeing 2012

April 11, 2009 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 11- Gichugu Member of Parliament (MP) Martha Karua on Saturday made a surprise tour of Kamukunji constituency and called on Kenyans to get ready and vote for the right leaders in 2012.

She said the current leadership had lost the fight against corruption.

“So that we stop corruption, we should unite as Kenyans and bring reforms that we want. And it’s not by fighting- those with voters’ cards should vote for people who can deliver. Let’s not vote for our brothers, or our tribesmen, lets vote for a good leader,” she said.

She further accused the government she once served as Justice Minister of ignoring human rights by arresting and killing innocent people.

“This time round don’t say it is a foreigner who said there are extra-judicial killings in this country. I m a Kenyan and I am saying there are extra judicial killings in this country,” Ms Karua said.

The ex-Minister used the opportunity to ask a huge crowd at Machakos bus station what they thought of the government.

“Is the government good or bad?” she asked. “It’s bad!” they responded in unison. She continued: “Is the judiciary good or bad?” “It’s bad!” they replied.

Ms Karua made several other stopovers in the constituency belting a tune of ‘the corrupt government that is not ready to reform.’

Kamukunji constituency was her second surprise meet-the-people tour since her resignation on Monday.

Ironically, she seemed to get support from her rival Simon Mbugua’s constituents. Their MP was among legislators planning for a censure motion against Ms Karua.

Ms Karua was on Sunday expected to hold a rally at her Gichugu constituency.

Her rally planner Kifo Gakuo told Capital News Ms Karua will use subsequent rallies to explain to her constituents why she had resigned from the government.

When Capital News visited her constituency, it was clear she enjoys strong support from there and despite throwing in the towel.

They told our crew that based on the work she has done for them, they believed she was capable to lead the entire country. 



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