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Karua loss a big blow, admits PNU

NAIROBI, Kenya, April 7- The Party of National Unity admitted on Tuesday that it had lost a very resourceful person in the resignation of Martha Karua as Justice Minister.

Vice Chairman Noah Wekesa said although the Gichugu legislator exercised her democratic right, her resignation was unreasonably quick.

He said PNU representatives who had tried to convince her not to resign did not succeed because she was adamant that she was not comfortable in her current position.

“I know that Martha Karua has had problems since last year and one thing she confided in me is that she thought she would be made a Deputy Prime Minister but another person was given the position,” the PNU Vice Chair said.

“Also the current issue of judges being appointed (by President Kibaki) without her knowledge, annoyed her but she would have waited for a while before resigning,” he added.

However members of the National Civil Society Congress downplayed Ms Karua’s resignation and termed the move insignifact. Secretary Kavetsa Adagala claimed the former Justice Minister was to blame for the frustrating of reforms in the country.

“Partly the minister impeded and retarded the constitutional review; she delayed the process and came up with an act that excludes everyone from the process,” she said insisting that Ms Karua was not a reformist. “It’s a good thing to use to be more popular but she has no record of reforms.

Haki Focus Director Harun Ndubi challenged Karua’s NARC Kenya Party to join ODM and use parliament to push for reforms.

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“Since both are pretending to be reform minded this is the time to exercise that commitment. Not to establish partnerships for purposes of elections but to have a platform where they can push for reforms we need.” He said.

Dr Wekesa also called on the disgruntled Orange Democratic Movement colleagues not to quit the unity government but instead focus on delivering to Kenyans.

“There are so many things we can do as a government quietly without rushing to you people (Journalists),” he said.

“It’s regrettable that somebody like the Prime Minister would come up with such strong sentiments about the president. I think we have got one of the best presidents in the recent times and for somebody to come out and make those comments is regrettable,” he said in reference to Mr Odinga’s Monday attacks on the President.


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