Warning over invalid insurance stickers

March 19, 2009 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Mar 19 – Motorists with insurance from companies that are under statutory management have been warned to re-insure their vehicles with other firms or risk prosecution.

Traffic Commandant Aggrey Adoli said on Thursday that all vehicles insured by such firms that are found on public roads will be impounded in a national crackdown scheduled to start on Monday.

He told reporters that traffic police officers were under strict instructions to stop all vehicles with insurance stickers from the companies that are under statutory management.

“We have realised that there are many vehicles which still operate with insurance stickers from companies that are under statutory management. Owners should know that their vehicles are not insured and we will impound them,” he warned.

“The insurance firms include Kenya Assurance Company, Invesco Insurance, United Insurance Company, Standard Assurance Company, among others,” he said.

Mr Adoli stated that motorists with insurance covers from the above companies and others were flouting traffic regulations, because the companies could not honour their claims in the case of an accident.

“This is a very big risk to the motorists themselves and other road users, they cannot claim to be insured yet they cannot make claims to be paid whenever there is an accident,” he posed.

He said both private and public motorists were affected because the companies under statutory management covered both.

“We are not only talking about public vehicles here. All motorists are affected, and that is why we are giving this early warning. People should not say they were not told,” he said.

Operating a vehicle without insurance is considered a traffic offence in Kenya and it attracts hefty fines.


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