Wako moves in on new Anglo Leasing facts

March 30, 2009 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Mar 30 – Attorney General Amos Wako has written to US Ambassador Michael Ranneberger seeking formal confirmation of the detention of an Anglo-Leasing suspect said have been arrested in America.

In a letter dated March 28, Mr Wako urges the Ambassador to confirm if Bradley Birkenfeld is indeed in custody and if he had agreed to cooperate in giving evidence.

“The information that Mr Birkenfeld has is of great interest to the Government and the people of Kenya, both as a potential suspect and/or as a crucial source of information which could not only assist the investigators but also help Kenya conclude this matter satisfactorily,” part of Mr Wako’s letter reads.

“I write therefore, to seek formal confirmation of the arrest of the said person and to register our interest in interrogating the said person and obtaining from him such information as he has on the matter,” it adds.

Mr Wako said Mr Birkenfeld was a crucial suspect who would be required to assist the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission in unraveling the mystery surrounding the shadowy contracts, one of which he is alleged to have signed.

“It is further reported that the said person has agreed to cooperate with the US authorities and is prepared to tell all that he knows about the Anglo-Leasing type of contracts which could be extremely valuable taking into account that he is alleged to have signed some of the contracts,” Wako said.

Mr Wako said in the letter that he will consider making an appropriate request for mutual legal assistance once the Ambassador responds to his letter.


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