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PM enlists Rift Valley support

NAIROBI, Kenya, Mar 16 – Prime Minister Raila Odinga has asked residents of the Rift Valley Province to reject propaganda campaigns that could isolate them from the rest of the country.

Speaking in Iten town where he attended a church service and addressed several meetings, the Premier stated that the Coalition Government was all inclusive and no one should feel left out.

He said it was unfortunate that some people were bent on wrecking the peace brought about by the formation of the Coalition were peddling falsehoods that the people of Rift Valley Province got a raw deal in the Coalition Government.

He explained that the Civil Service alone could not provide jobs for all Kenyan communities pointing out that with nearly 250,000 employees it was difficult to find jobs for all qualified Kenyans.

Said the PM:  “No one should exploit the scarcity of jobs in the country to incite certain communities against some leaders in the country. The government is aware of the unemployment problem and has put in place appropriate measures to expand the country’s economy and create more job opportunities.”

Saying leaders should avoid talk that could inflame passions among the Kenyan communities, the Prime Minister asked leaders to be responsible in their public utterances and promote unity of purpose in the society.

He asked Kenyans to be patient as the country comes up with a new Constitution, noting that a new constitutional dispensation would ensure equity in the distribution of national resources.

He added: “The Coalition Government is reformist; we are also working on legal and electoral reforms including new voter registration, boundary reforms with the aim of ensuring that there is no lopsidedness in distribution of national resources.”

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The Prime Minister recalled events that followed the 2007 election, observing that they were precipitated by bad electoral laws and practices that would be done away with before the next elections.

Mr Odinga also talked about the Kazi Kwa Vijana programme that aims to create 300,000 jobs for the youth and said that Sh15 billion had been set aside for the programme.

“We have set aside Sh5 billion the first phase of the programme and Sh10 billion in the second phase that covers six months involving youths in activities that were beneficial to their communities,” he said.

He announced that the Nyaru-Iten, Ravine-Kocholwa and Kipsaosi-Ravine roads in the greater Keiyo district were among the roads earmarked for construction.

The Prime Minister also said the government was addressing the land problems in the fluorspar area with a view to coming up with a permanent solution.

Local leaders reaffirmed their support for the Coalition Government saying they will support its leadership as it was the best Kenyans could have in the circumstances.

The leaders who included MPs Lucas Chepkitony and Jackson Tanui urged their constituents not to be led astray by those out to consign them to tribal cocoons.

Also present was the Minister for Agricultre William Ruto who announced that the price of DAP fertilizer had come down from Sh6,000 to Sh2,500 this planting season and would be available in all National Cereals and Produce Board depots countrywide.

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