Kingara: Envoy calls for speedy probe

March 8, 2009 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya Mar 8 – German ambassador to Kenya Walter Lindner on Sunday condemned the killings of two human rights activist and called for urgent investigations.

Addressing the media at his Muthaiga residence, Ambassador Lindner said it was extremely troubling that rights workers were "assassinated in broad daylight" in the middle of the Nairobi.

“The killing of these two people two days ago is completely unacceptable. It can’t be that this rule of the jungle is ruling in daylight where we have two killers assassinating others.”

“This is a danger for anyone who lives in Kenya now of course it is necessary that there is a through investigation of these murders,” he said.

Oscar Foundation Executive Director Oscar Kamau King’ara and former University of Nairobi Student Leader Paul Oulu were shot dead by gunmen on Thursday night.

Meanwhile, the Kenya National Students Union threatened to organise peaceful demonstrations involving all public universities to demand for investigations to be launched.

Former Maseno University student leader Antony Kibangendi called on students to organise demonstrations involving all universities to demand for investigations into the deaths of Oscar foundation officials.

The union led by former Kenyatta University student leader Mwaura Isaac differed with the police claims that Mr Oulu was a sympathiser of the outlawed Mungiki sect.

“We are surprised that only after two days somebody can try to conjure up conspiracy theories about Oscar Foundation. For a very long time even before the issue of Mungiki, the foundation have been there giving people free legal aid,” Mr Mwaura said.

He claimed that several officials from human rights bodies including the state sponsored Kenya National Commission Human Rights and some from the Oscar Foundation had been threatened with dire consequences if they commented on the deaths of their fellow activists.

Former Kenyatta University Students Secretary General Maryanne Mbogo called for a paradigm shift in the country’s governance in order to deal with the cases of extrajudicial killings.

 “Unless the governance and the leadership in this institution has a paradigm shift, the impunity, the reason why people are dying and the reason why people cannot access justice will continue,” she said.


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