Kenyan parties back law experts

March 20, 2009 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya Mar 20 – Political parties on Friday vowed to support the expert-led constitution review process.

Speaking after a meeting with Constitutional Affairs Martha Karua, representatives from various political parties said that they would enhance democracy in their own parties in order to ensure that the country’s governance system is strengthened.

Ford Kenya Chairman Musikari Kombo said Kenyans must overcome the mistrust they hold against politicians to deliver the document for the sake of the country.

"What happens in political parties actually mirrors into other institutions of Government.  If democracy does not exist in political parties then it will not exist in any other part of the country’s governance," Mr Kombo said.

Labour Party of Kenya chairperson Julia Ojiambo said: “It is significant that Kenyans know that we as politicians will stand up to safeguard their interests in the ongoing process.”

The politicians also resolved to hold several meetings with the Committee of Experts on the review process in order to give their input about the content and the process.

“This forum is going to be consultative and see the appropriate way of maybe having a few meetings between now and the time that the Minister convenes us or we meet the Committee,” said Njeru Gathungu who represented Ford-Asili.

On her part Ms Karua – who has been holding meeting with various sectoral and interest groups to rekindle interest and support for the constitutional review process – welcomed the support of the political class.

"All Kenyans and all sectors are important in this process. We have therefore committed ourselves to support the expert-led process because without our support the process would not be successful," the Justice Minister said.

Ms Karua extended a hand to church leaders asking them to support the review process instead of calling for fresh elections.

She said that Kenyans had expressed the need for fundamental changes in our society.

 “I would therefore plead with the NCCK and with all other stakeholders let us join hands and make the review a success then we can open gates for our society,” she said.


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