Kenya policeman killed by thug

March 11, 2009 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Mar 11 – A police officer was killed in a shoot out outside Kencom House in Nairobi on Wednesday afternoon.

A suspected gangster, who was among the three thugs that engaged the officers in the shoot out, was also stoned to death by the public.

Witnesses told Capital News that the three gangsters had been arrested and were being led away when one of them opened fire and shot an officer in the head.

Police said the officer died on his way to hospital.

“They were just walking and talking with the officers then I just saw one of them pull out a pistol and shoot at the officer,” a witness, who only identified herself as Mercy, said.

The suspected gangsters, who were not immediately handcuffed, fled in different directions as one of them continued shooting in the air.

A witness said that one of the gangsters, who was armed, was cornered as he fled.

“We caught up with him and stoned him. He had a pistol but it appears it had no ammunition because he did not fire a shot,” another witness narrated.

By the time Capital News arrived at the scene, the suspected gangster who had been stoned was still writhing in pain.

It took close to 20 minutes before he was loaded onto a police vehicle to be ferried to hospital, but a few minutes later, a police source told Capital News that the man had succumbed to his injuries on the way.

Central Divisional Police chief Richard Muguai who led other officers to the scene declined to speak to the press.

“Gentlemen, there is nothing we can say, please give us some time,” he said.

Elsewhere, the mutilated body of a police officer who went missing from Kayole last week has been found dumped in a forest in Machakos on Wednesday.

Police told Capital News that they suspect the officer was tortured before being killed.

No suspects have been arrested yet, but police suspect that the outlawed Mungiki sect might be involved.


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