Kenya Minister hospitalised after collapse

March 22, 2009 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Mar 22 – Cabinet Minister Soita Shitanda was on Sunday admitted to hospital after he collapsed at a Nairobi members club.

The Housing Minister, who was alone at the time, was said to have passed out in his vehicle at the United Kenya Club parking bay.

“He had gone round looking for parking and when he failed to get one, he decided to double-park behind another vehicle. He could not get out of his vehicle and that is when he collapsed,” the Minister’s wife Betty said.

“He was discovered lying in his vehicle by other motorists who rushed him to the Aga Khan hospital,” she added.

When Capital News arrived at the hospital, the Minister had been resuscitated and admitted to the institution’s Private.

“He is diabetic and had a problem with the sugar levels but they have been raised,” his wife informed our crew.

Only close relatives and other government officials were allowed to see him. Journalists were barred.

“The Minister is ok at the moment. He is talking and has even taken a cup of tea. There is nothing to worry about,” his wife said.

According to one of his aides, the Minister was taken ill at about 12 pm.

There was no official comment on the Minister’s condition from medics at the hospital.


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