Uhuru urges leaders to work for Kenyans

February 8, 2009 12:00 am

, NAKURU, Kenya Feb 8 – Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta and Agriculture Minister William Ruto on Sunday challenged their colleagues in government and Parliament to concentrate on delivering services to Kenyans rather than politicking.

Speaking during a memorial service cum fundraiser for the Sachang’wan oil tanker explosion victims, Mr Kenyatta who is also the Finance Minister said that it was unfortunate that while Kenyans were looking for leadership on issues such as the food and fuel crisis; they got empty rhetoric instead.

“Kenyans today don’t care about ODM or PNU they are worried about the lack of employment opportunities and the raising state of poverty. And they want us, their leaders to stop insulting each other and begin working together and start tackling those problems,” he said.

Mr Kenyatta remarks came in a week that saw Mr Ruto come under heavy criticism over his role in the controversial sale of maize from the national reserves at a time when Kenyans were faced with famine.

The heated debate dominated Parliament’s Wednesday afternoon proceedings with Mr Bonny Khalwale (New Ford Kenya, Ikolomani) tabling documents which he claimed links prominent personalities to the scandal.
The House was debating on a ministerial statement issued by Mr Ruto on details of the maize scandal.

Dr Khalwale led the onslaught on the Agriculture Minister where he sought to know why Mr Ruto had only sacked junior officers at the State agency responsible for the cereals reserves – the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) – while leaving the managing director, marketing manager and other senior officials in place.

On Sunday Mr Kenyatta reiterated that it was too early for politicians to engage in an electioneering mood while millions of Kenyans were threatened by starvation.

“The elections and the problems that it brought with it are over. So let’s forget the past if only we can shed our petty differences that divide our people and get on with the business of growing and developing this nation,” he said. 

Mr Ruto on his part called for unity among all Kenyans and appealed for the Kenyans to embrace hard work in order to overcome their challenges ahead of them.

“We have many challenges in our country but we can overcome them. We must as leaders walk the honest route in the fight against poverty, corruption and unemployment. We cannot succeed if we use the tool of political deceit, intrigue and dishonesty.


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