MP wants PSC disbanded

February 23, 2009 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 23 – Speaker of the National Assembly Kenneth Marende has approved a motion to disband the Parliamentary Select Committee on Constitution Review, according to Yatta MP Charles Kilonzo.

The legislator said he expected to give a notice to discuss the motion on Tuesday afternoon, but said the date of debate will depend on the House Business Committee.

“Considering that the Members of the Parliamentary Select Committee on the Review of the Constitution exhibited contrary positions during debate on the Committee’s report on Thursday, aware that the vote ended up in a tie, and members hold contrary views on the membership of the IIEC, this House dissolves the Committee,” he said in his motion.

“The House orders that the Parliamentary Political Parties involved meet to select members of the Select Committee afresh, and submit the names to the House Business Committee within seven days after approval of this motion.”

Meanwhile the PSC on Monday failed once again to agree on the nomination of Cecil Miller as chair of the IIEC.

The Committee, which held talks on Monday to try and reach consensus on the membership of the IIEC, will again meet on Thursday to decide whether to replace Mr Miller.

“They were some allegations made against a number of people. We thought it was fair to look into those allegations in detail so that whatever decision we make is fair to those individuals,” PSC Chairman Abdikadir Mohammed said after a meeting at County Hall.

Parliament last week rejected a list of nine members to sit in the new electoral body as proposed by the House Committee during a stormy session.

MPs objected in particular to the nomination of Mr Miller, with MPs questioning his credibility, inexperience and political affiliation.

But speaking after the meeting at County Hall, Mr Mohamed said the new list would be acceptable to all.

“We don’t want to have a commission that brings division in the country or has queries once it’s formed.”

The new electoral body shall be responsible for the reform of Kenya’s electoral process and the management of elections in order to institutionalise free and fair polls.

They will also be mandated to establish an efficient and effective secretariat and conduct a fresh registration of voters, as well as the creation of a new voters’ register.


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