Behold, a firm thigh at last

February 3, 2009 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 3 – Are you looking as good as I am? Does your thunder thigh look slimmer and so much stronger now? I am even becoming fairer!!

Good. That means you have been very well behaved since you read the last update. I am now on 80kg and I can only blame my inability to grace the gym more than four times a week as the issue.

The instructor last weekend also said that I need to up my target of calories lost from 300 to at least 500. Makes you kind of feel like you haven’t been doing much, but I guess you feel challenged now, eh? I sure do.

So it has nothing to do with time. You can be gyming for more than an hour and a half each day, but without those calories burning it amounts to NOTHING! Just like if you have gold and are without love, you have nothing.
Moving on swiftly, just ensure you set the treadmill, bike, cross-trainer to reflect calories and not time nor distance. Because that would amount to… you got it!

I hope you are still churning in those carbohydrates in the morning and changing to vegetables and proteins at 2pm sharp! Don’t let me down. What is your target by the way, do you have one? I would like to lose another ten kilograms before trying to work on keeping it off without spending four days in the gym.

So in a month or so I can hook you up with tips as I learn them of course.

As a point of encouragement, if those hoops that are attached to your stomach in the form of layers are still present, don’t worry, they are the hardest to burn. You can of course opt to add on an extra five minutes to your abdomen workout.

Here’s another one; raise both your knees and put your hands behind your ears, then bring your right knee to meet with your left elbow and then your left knee to meet your right elbow, in that order. That will count as one. Do two sets of 20 as one of your abdomen exercises and see you next week!


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