Abducted woman found in lodging

February 25, 2009 12:00 am

, NYAHURURU, Kenya, Feb 25 – A woman who was kidnapped by suspected gangsters from Kiambu last week has been found unconscious at a lodging in Nyahururu, according to police.

The middle-aged woman who was said to have been picked up from the Githunguri area last week was found in a motel room with several cuts on her breasts, legs and back.

She was rushed to the Nyahururu District Hospital on Wednesday, where she was admitted in a serious condition. A source at the hospital has told Capital News that the lady is responding well to treatment.

The woman (name withheld) had also had her head shaved clean and sources said she has been unable to explain in detail how she travelled from Githunguri to Nyahururu.

She however said that she remembers getting into a vehicle with three people who had just sold her some charcoal.

It is suspected that the trio drugged her and took her to a private house where they raped her repeatedly before calling her husband to demand a ransom for her release.

Sources at the Nyahururu Police Station indicated that the victim’s mobile phone was used to demand ransom from her husband and when he failed to yield they stopped communicating last Friday.

On Tuesday, a cleaner at the Nyahururu lodging found the woman lying on the bed in one of the rooms, semi-unconscious, while trying to lift her hands and attempting to speak.

A telephone number was found written on a tissue paper prompting the motel managers to call it. That is when they discovered that the woman had been abducted from Githunguri.

Police have launched investigations into how the woman’s companions booked a room at the lodging without producing any identity and then left unnoticed.

Sources at the hospital confirmed that the woman had been raped severally.


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