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Progress, progress, progress

NAIROBI, Kenya, Jan 20 – I feel like Sh200,000 wrapped in a dark heavy box with a bright red silk sash saying “Happy Birthday!” to the world.

Yes, I made it back to the gym this morning, for the whole of last week actually, and my, my, my, do I feel fresh and a bit arrogant. I’ve got swagger. My Mohawk is a little flat because of all the perspiring going on in between the cross trainer, bike, treadmill and mat though.

I learnt a new exercise today. Check this out; lie on your side, rest on your elbow and put your free hand at the back of your ear – lightly. Bend your knees and intertwine your feet at the ankles. Then raise your legs and reach your raised elbow towards them. Repeat this exercise 20 times on both sides, for a couple of sets and you’ll begin to feel this burning sensation on the side of your stomach.

Very refreshing indeed! (smirk) Anyway, I have been put on cardio and ab exercises for the rest of the week ahead of my fitness test on Saturday, January 24. So do this with me and then we can find out how it goes?

My tummy is still sagging but it has muscles, you know? Honest, I can flex my stomach muscles, bloating it and caving it in and they are getting so much stronger. I’m really proud of this, I tell you, the flexibility is almost incredulous. Progress my friends…

Well, I hope you still remember or rather are applying what I have instructed you in the past, because that is the way to go. A quick reminder: you MUST stretch or those aches take a while to go. It’s hard to get the instructor to help you all the time so try and memorise what you need to do and work it from there.

You shall be the first to know if I lose a bit more weight. Try not to get irritated by the blubber on your body, however slight. Just be dedicated and sweat that stuff away. You don’t need an extra body! Cheerio!

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