AK cracks the whip on agents

January 21, 2009 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, January 21 – Four athletics agents had their licenses revoked by Athletics Kenya (AK) on Monday following allegations of mistreatment levelled against them by various athletes.

Chris Gowar, Hussein Make, Ian Ladbrooke and Khellil Benhalima have been accused of denying athletes their full pay or asking them to part with some cash in order to participate in certain events.

“These four agents have featured quite prominently whenever the athletes come to complain to us,” said Athletics Kenya chairman Isaiah Kiplagat on Wednesday.

Kiplagat who is serving his last term at the helm of AK added that the athletics world governing body IAAF is also working on new guidelines that will regulate the operations of agents and will be implemented in March.

“The new rules will require agents to have a deposit or a bank balance to the tune of $30,000 (Sh.2.3 million) because some of them have refused to pay their athletes or have not shown their clients what they are entitled at some competitions,” said Kiplagat.

“Every agent must also sit for an exam which will be set by the IAAF, to be invigilated by the respective continental body and passed on to the national bodies who might decide to take them or interview them further and select only those who they think are suitable to manage the athletes,” he added.

AK also announced that they will meet with the active agents on February 19 to explain the new rules to them and also submit written warnings to those representatives who have also been the subject of a few complaints.

Meanwhile, it is uncertain whether Kenya will host next year’s African Athletics Championships as AK is yet to receive any approval from the government.

“We have asked the government to speed up the decision before the end of February so that we can inform the AAC (African Athletics Confederation) whether or not Kenya is going to host,” said Kiplagat.

Kenya was awarded the rights to host the continent’s showcase tournament after last year’s event which took place in Addis Ababa.

Kiplagat said that the necessary documentation is before a high level of government who are to provide the green light for tournament to take place within Kenya’s borders.

“First of all it goes before the sub-committee of the cabinet which is chaired by the Prime Minister. Once that committee approves it goes to the full cabinet that must deliberate on the issue before February 28.

Kiplagat who was flanked by the rest of AK top brass also criticized the organization of athletics events by companies or private individuals which have not been sanctioned by the national governing body.

He also said that any AK individual who participates in the organization or running of any AK non event will face disciplinary action.


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