Landlord nabbed for killing tenant

December 22, 2008 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Dec 22 – A landlord killed his tenant in Nairobi late Sunday for allegedly failing to pay his December rent in time.

The landlord, who has rental houses in the Mathare slum, is said to have gone to demand his money on Sunday night, when a fight ensued.

According to police, the landlord was infuriated by the tenant’s habit of failing to pay rent in time.

Witnesses told police that the landlord refused to heed his tenant’s plea for a few more days to source the rent money, and instead began punching him several times, killing him on the spot.

“Witnesses have told us he grabbed the tenant and hauled him out of the house when he failed to give him the money. And he started fighting with him,” Kasarani divisional Police Chief Jasper Ombati said.

“Neighbours who responded to the tenant’s distress call found the man bleeding profusely from injuries inflicted during the fight,” Mr Ombati added.

Angry residents then descended on the landlord with blows and kicks before he was saved by the police, who handcuffed him and locked him up at the Kasarani Police Station.

Mr Ombati said four witnesses had recorded statements on how the landlord beat up his tenant several times as he pleaded for mercy.

“We understand that the tenant died pleading to be allowed a few more days to get the money, but the landlord would hear none of that,” he told Capital News.

The landlord told police that the deceased tenant constantly paid his rent very late, and not the required 5th day of every month.

Nairobi Provincial Police chief Njue Njagi has described the incident as ‘barbaric’.

“It is a clear case of murder. Our officers are finalising investigations before the suspect is arraigned in court,” he told Capital News early on Monday.


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