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Day four reads disclaimer

NAIROBI, Kenya, Dec 15 – My disclaimer today reads that whatever you find absurd and ludicrous in this article is absolutely true.

Listen to me, because apart from the exercise, the diet also works wonders in making you lose weight. Thankfully, it’s not about starving, but changing what you eat and what time you eat it.

I don’t mean to sound like a text-book or cliché, but the diet is the only other thing that makes me understand why in only four days I have lost a total of 2.1 kilogrammes! I kid you not. Codename: 83kg can happen to you too! Here goes…

The foods are broken down into five categories; carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits, milk and low fat frozen entrees, of which you are to have 6, 3, 2, 2 and 1 serving(s) respectively.

So you can have six servings of rice, pasta, cereal, bread (preferably brown) in a day, where a serving consists of two biscuits of weetabix, one slice of bread, and/or half a cup of cooked rice or pasta. Each serving is about 80 calories and the maximum intake of calories for one day is 1200.

With vegetables, a serving consists of 1 cup of leafy raw vegetable and half a cup of chopped raw or cooked vegetables. When it comes to fruits, 1 piece of fruit or melon wedge, three-quarters of a cup of juice, half a cup of canned fruit and a quarter cup of dried fruits each represent one serving.

The next is my best part, (apart from rice and chicken) Milk, yoghurt and cheese. One serving is equal to 1 cup of milk or yoghurt and one and a half to two ounces of cheese.

Take five; the low fat entrée basically applies to meat, poultry, fish, beans, eggs and nuts. Two and a half ounces to three of cooked lean meat poultry or fish, half a cup of cooked beans or 1 egg, two table spoons of peanut butter, and one ounce of lean meat each make up one serving.

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Now carbohydrates are very important as they give you most of your energy. These are to be had in the morning – at least three servings, before you start your day and they MUST be chewed slowly because their digestion starts in the mouth. Don’t forget that now. Have some cereal, two slices of brown toasted bread, a boiled egg (without the yolk) and either a cup of tea/coffee or juice.

In between meals, you can snack on an apple, or a carrot stick, cucumber… the list is endless! After 2pm, cut down on the carbs and make sure that you match the quantity of proteins with vegetables.

This is according to Frank, the nutritionist at Body Heaven. So feel free to read this article as many times as possible to embed this onto your brain. Print it too! Till tomorrow, adios…


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