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Day five reads Lazy Bug

NAIROBI, Kenya, Dec 17 – My breakfast took me exactly 65 minutes to finish – or at least 40 minutes because I really did not want to go to the gym.

My body was aching, yes, but I actually like that; I was just feeling downright lazy. After my coffee, two slices of toast, and a boiled egg I walked down the stairs to my car (silver bullet) and began the long journey to the gym.

By this time, I knew the drill. I picked up my locker key at the reception, headed to the dressing room and then back up to the gym for a 20 minute session of treadmill. Everything was boring, the TVs, the background music, the treadmill; but I was determined.

Two minutes, five, 11 and finally I was done! I did my best to look tired as I walked to the dispenser and (Please don’t forget your water in between workouts!) decided to weigh myself to kill time because the cross-trainer was ogling me. I was 77kg!!! What?? No way…

Jotham, the boss instructor, chose that exact time to come where I was to give me my programme for the rest of the week, and after I confronted him, he confirmed to me that the weighing scale had gone ballistic and was not working. The 20 minute biker session was next and for nearly ten minutes all I could think about was whether I had actually lost two kilograms.

Diet, shmiet…

Jotham told me that I had been doing a lot of lower body work and that I now needed to focus on my upper body. Trust me there is a lot more to the upper body than biceps and triceps. There’s muscles that are part of the chisel I was looking for whose names I shall have to Google. Actually, you probably should too so that you can see exactly where the greater pectoral, long and short palmar and serratus magnus muscles are? Good stuff.

So make sure you balance your upper and lower body workouts. Warm-up first! It makes your body nimble and ready for the muscle exertions. See you tomorrow.

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