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Codename: 85Kg

NAIROBI, Kenya – I don’t even know where to start so let me introduce myself. My name is Laura Walubengo and I am the Deputy News Editor at the Capital Group.

I was a happy woman until one day I woke up and found a thigh in the bed that was not mine. I rubbed my eyes and stared, making my eyes hazy, but in the shower I had to admit that it was jutting out of my pelvis. And boy was it BIG!

I kept looking at it for about two years, but that didn’t stop it from growing even bigger. Ok, I know I’m making you shiver, but let me assure you, I don’t look bad. I look good actually. But my ‘spectacular’ body is hidden somewhere inside my skin and I am going to fish it out! Who’s with me?

Very good! This how it goes… I shall be doing all the work for you. Finding out with a new fitness programme on what works and what doesn’t, plus why and why not! I know, it sounds tacky but I will have pictures to prove it. And maybe, if you’re a doubting Thomas or Thomasia (wink), I hope you bump into me on Kenyatta Avenue or Standard Street.

So let’s get into it. Roll up your trouser pants/skirts/shorts, look at your thigh and listen to me.

DAY ONE: The instructor at Body Heaven in Warwick Centre looked at me and after hearing I weighed 85kgs told me to take it easy. More so since I haven’t had any exercise for at least three years. He put me on the treadmill for 20 minutes, the bike for 20 minutes and then the steps for 20 minutes. The programme was manual and the level was one! It was a breeze.

He made me do 10 full length sit ups and then gave the best stretches ever! I was half expecting to lose one kilo while walking to take a shower… but alas.

The gym gave me a nutritionist (bless!) to help me maximise my weight-loss pursuit and he gave me so many pointers I got them jumbled up in the head. So we agreed to have me eat what I usually do for the week so he can evaluate what needs to be assassinated from my menu.

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“It’s going to be flexible and free so that you eat what you should and don’t cheat! I will break the process down and you will be able to maximise and minimise on food,” I was told.

For the record, I had a coffee and doughnut for breakfast, a boiled chicken sandwich for lunch, two apples at about 6.15pm and rice and egg curry in the evening.

I hereby declare I am excited about day number two!!!


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