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Burn baby burn

NAIROBI, Kenya, Dec 11 – OK, I have to admit its getting tougher. My thighs and tummy began to burn today and it was mixed feelings for me; I was determined and downright pissed off!

I was now up to level 3 with a speed of 6 on the treadmill and was struggling after the first few minutes, so I reduced it to 5.5 (yeah, I cheated.. boo). After twenty minutes and some water, I was back on the cross-trainer.

The sweat was pouring by this time and as more strangers using the gym smiled at me the instructor told me that the intense wetness is because my body and hormones were operating differently, so it would get worse! My poor hair! (Stop thinking about the shiny happy gymers!)

After 20 minutes on the bike as well – I’m becoming a pro at this – I was taken to another gadget, where I was meant to sit on this seat and spread my legs outwards and close them again using weights, for two sets of counts of 30. There is this area around the thigh and hip that literally burnt! On both sides! I was smarting.

I pleaded with Milan, the instructor for day 3, not to kill me. He assured me that I needed to burn some more (I don’t know what) before the body cooled down, so I went on and hard as I could with the next one. With a tiny weight clenched in my right fist (raised high), I rested my left hand on a surface as high as my waist. Milan told me to bring down my right arm (with a 90 degree angle between arm and forearm) as I raised my right leg HIGH to the side so that my knee and elbow met in the middle. I did two sets of 30 for both sides, right and left.

That’s a short paragraph up there but trust me I was happy that time was ticking and I was ready for a STRETCH! Please share the glee with me…

At the showers there were more shiny happy gymers – don’t get me wrong, it feels very nice to be spoken to in a new place – and after the shower, I was ready for work. Before I could dash out, Frank had a present for me. A timetable, with my servings per day and how much of what I should be eating. I was meant to tabulate everything I ate plus the calories involved. It was like watching one of those keep fit tapes. More work!

I am going to ponder on it tonight and dedicate the whole page tomorrow to proper eating habits that go along with how these calories are expended during your lovely day. My lovely day. Have a lovely day. See you on Monday!

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