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The Game plays Kenyans

NAIROBI, November 18 – If it weren’t for the fact that his performance rocked the hinges off the doors and the stage looked spectacular, Kenyans would probably not play favour with The Game.

29 year old Jayceon Terrel Taylor performed for fans at the Bomas of Kenya on Saturday evening, in a well co-ordinated MTV event, where the American rapper used his mouth muscles to ‘diss’ his fans.

First off, he asked ‘all the lovely ladies up on stage’ with him and then went on to sing: You Wouldn’t Get Far… Basically, a song talking about women who follow rappers and rock stars around in the hope of a better life, and telling them they wouldn’t get far.

Another good reason to believe The Game was playing Kenyans is that he made a show of drinking two bottles of Smirnoff vodka, neat, from the bottle, on stage. Hmmm… He then continued spitting – this time talking about how he had ‘no shoes at one point when growing up’ and had ‘yellow teeth from eating too much candy’. Huh? Show me the big fat G printed on your foreheads oh Kenyan! As in, gullible…

Anyway, bad manners aside, it was a helluva concert. The American Gamester knows how to rock a crowd and get the ladies, and guys, screaming. It was too dark to see any tears but there was a lot of sweat, booze and singing along from fans who lingered when the event was over, craving for more.

The night started off with frantic prayers that it would not rain, after which came the massive exodus to Bomas – where you could spot a long line of all the underage people who’d been denied entry into the venue. Kudos!

Then came charged performances from Wahu and Jua Kali (known to The Game as Jo Kali!), plus the East Africa Bashment Crew before Mr Taylor was rolled out by his entourage… clad in the usual sagging jeans, glaring underpants and vests barely hiding several sexy tattoos.

As the crowd squealed with pleasure when they heard ‘One Blood’, ‘My Life’, and ‘Higher’, the tough talking emcee got a bit carried away, saying at one point that if he ‘wasn’t on probation he would break 50 Cents neck’! Really? The Game is slated to perform in several other African cities in the run-up to the MTV Africa Music Awards, popularly branded MAMA.

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He will be at Lagos, Nigeria’s Planet One on Tuesday ahead of MAMA’s Grande finale event in Abuja on November 22. The star-studded line-up there includes Kelly Rowland, D’Banj, Flo Rida and Asa.

Hopefully one of The Game’s groupies, a big tall creepy guy who stood about one metre behind him and mimicked all the lyrics from all the songs, will also be in tow.


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