Policeman kills lover in Gilgil

November 23, 2008 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, November 23 – A police officer was on Saturday night shot dead in Gilgil town after he allegedly murdered his lover, who is also a police officer.

The two are reported to have quarrelled in their house before the officer grabbed a knife and slit the woman’s throat, before he escaped.

The man was attached to the Anti-Stock Theft Unit (ASTU) headquarters in Gilgil while his lover had been working at the District Commissioner’s headquarters there.

“We understand they were quarrelling over domestic issues. Neighbours have told us that they heard them quarrel for a long time before the woman started screaming. The house then went silent, before the man was seen running out of the house,” Naivasha divisional Police chief Willy Lugusa said.

“Neighbours clearly knew there was something wrong and when they went to check, they found the woman dead. That is when they reported the matter to us,” he added.

According to Mr Lugusa, the man who was half naked ran and informed his fellow colleagues manning a road block that he had been carjacked and robbed of everything, including his clothes.

On a closer look however, one of the officers realised that the man was their colleague and had blood stains all over his body.

“When they tried to question him further on why he had blood stains all over his body, he started running away and disappeared in a thicket,” Mr Lugusa told Capital News.

As they searched for him, they were called and informed that a policeman had escaped after murdering his girlfriend.

“A team was immediately mobilised to look for him and with the help of sniffer dogs, they found the man hiding in a thicket,” Mr Lugusa said.

He narrated that the cornered officer refused to surrender and even engaged his fellow officers in a physical confrontation, prompting one of them to shoot at him.

“At first, officers looking for him thought he was armed. And when they tried to arrest him, he attempted to grab a pistol from one of them. That is when he was shot in the pelvis,” he explained.

“The officer was then arrested but died on the way to hospital,” said the police chief.

Mr Lugusa said investigations had revealed that the two officers were staying together and that their disagreement may have arisen from reports of alleged ‘unfaithfulness’ on the female officer’s part.


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