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Hope filled the air in Chicago

CHICAGO, November 5 – They came in their hundreds of thousands in the hope that they will witness the start of a new dawn in America.

Barack Obama’s supporters arrived at the Grant Park as early as 5 pm local time where Democratic election night celebrations had been organised.
The long security procedure did not deter them from wanting to be a part of history. Some spotted Obama merchandise while others were carrying the American flag.

They excitedly followed the election proceedings from the big screens but the anxiety could be felt in the crowd especially when results would come in favour of Republican John McCain.

“I’m only 14 years old and this is the first presidential election that I am fully aware of,” said a jubilant teen who was excited to be at the venue as America prepared to turn a new page in history by electing a black man as President. “It’s really cool!”

“I am excited and fairly confident that Obama is going to win and I think it will be a great thing for the country,” stated another.

But as more flowed in, it was evident that the democratic nominee was in the lead and the mood changed to anticipation and hope. Many were on the phone, perhaps checking with their friends in other states.

And when the big announcement was made at around 10.30 pm local time, it was all song and jubilation and chants of “Yes we can!’ and ‘yes we did it!’

“Anyone who would suggest that America is a country that is fixed in time, all those myths have been shattered tonight. We are not the same America that I was born into and we will be another America by the end of the Obama presidency,” stated one supporter.

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“As an American I feel great, a change is on the way,” Jessica Rose, an Illinois resident told Capital News. “My first reaction was just straight shock, I was in disbelief but I’m finally understanding what this means to us. It is a transforming moment.”

As soon as Mr Obama made his acceptance speech, the supporters marched to the streets of Chicago in celebration.

It was booming business  for hawkers who seized the opportunity to sell Obama merchandise; t-shirts, caps, posters all ranging from $5 to $10 and anyone who wanted to be a part of this history bought at least one item.

 “Its going to be a long road to get this country on its feet but I think he is capable of doing it and bring jobs back to the United States.”

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