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Obama in historic TV blitz

BALTIMORE, October 29 – Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama will on Wednesday night use his monetary advantage over his Republican rival John McCain to dominate the airwaves of several television channels in the country.

Senator Obama who has raised more than $600 million since he started his campaigns will air a 30-minute primetime presentation in selected channels simultaneously as part of his final argument to seek America’s vote.

This is said to be one of the largest advertisement buys in America’s election history in a bid to woo voters as the race hits fever pitch, seven days to the polls.

Mr Obama is expected to once again outline his economic plans and vision for the country, as it struggles with a financial meltdown that has forced over 70,000 people out of jobs and another 81,000 lose their homes.

Although the Democratic nominee has maintained a steady lead throughout the campaigns, there are still seven percent of undecided voters who could change the lead if he doesn’t capture them. The latest opinion polls indicate that he is in the lead by about 10 points.

Senator Obama will also be targeting the 13 key battleground states which include Virginia, Florida, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Missouri, New Hampshire, Ohio, Michigan, Iowa, Nevada, New Mexico and Wisconsin.

Meanwhile, Democratic supporters will gather in homes across all states in what is termed as ‘house party’ to watch the prime time presentation and use the chance to make phone calls to voters in battleground states, according to campaign officials.

 “Last weekend, supporters made 350,000 calls into battleground states, surpassing our goal of 300,000. Let’s keep it up,” stated Nicole Aro, National Phone bank Coordinator, in an email to supporters.

”We want to make sure that on November 4, voters there cast their votes for change.”

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