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Obama author free to return: Kajwang

NAIROBI, October 15 – The government has now softened its stand regarding controversial American author Jerome Robert Corsi who was deported last week as he attempted to promote a book that is critical of US presidential candidate Barrack Obama.

Immigration Minister Otieno Kajwang said on Wednesday that Mr Corsi was free to return to Kenya and promote The Obama Nation “as long as he acquired the proper documents”.

Mr Kajwang told a press briefing at his Nyayo House office that the author had been deported after he violated the terms of his tourist visa which prohibits involvement in commercial activities while in Kenya.

“The only reason why he was deported was that he came to Kenya as a tourist but he decided to use the occasion to promote his book which is a business,” said the Minister. “If you are coming as a visitor and want to carry out any business activity, you tell us (Immigration Department) then will ask you to apply for a work permit which he (Corsi) did not do.”

Mr Kajwang added that the 62-year-old American had previously promoted his book before he arrived in Kenya and that its contents were well documented in the local media.

“We had read about the book even before he came and he was promoting it while still in the (United) States so he wasn’t breaching our laws but when he came to promote it personally, he failed to secure the correct papers,” said Mr Kajwang.

He added: “I believe my officers acted correctly, if he wants to come back to Kenya and promote his book he is free as long as he says so and we will consider his application.”

Mr Corsi was deported last Tuesday together with his assistant Timothy Bueler after immigration personnel intercepted his book-launch at the Laico Regency Hotel.

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The book which questions US Democratic Party presidential candidate Barrack Obama’s leadership credentials and his religious and ideological affiliations has been pilloried worldwide for its inaccuracies.

Prime Minister Raila Odinga is also mentioned in the book as being a “Muslim sympathiser and a communist.”

Obama’s father Barrack Obama Senior who was a Kenyan is also referred to in the book as an “alcoholic polygamist” with extreme Marxist leanings identified with former Vice President the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga.

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