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Munya mark, Uti set, Ricco go

NAIROBI, October 3 – Sunday is fast approaching and the gorgeous "small brothers" are up for eviction, with each standing as good a chance as the next.

Nigerian comedian Uti, love puppy Munya from Zimbabwe and pitiful pretty boy Ricco from Angola are up for eviction.

Ricco was nominated by Zambia’s TK – who once again got the most votes from housemates who are keen to see him go home.

TK had four votes while Uti and Munya got three votes each. Here’s how the housemates voted:

•       Hazel nominated Munya because of his frequent pranks and hiding of precious supplies and Ricco because of his childish behaviour.

•       Morris nominated Ricco, saying ‘he’s a threat, no major reason.’ His second vote was for TK because of his dispassionate demeanour.

•       Tawana’s first vote went to Mimi because of her laziness ‘and laziness is contagious!’ She also nominated Morris because of his violent nature.

•       Uti’s nominations followed his normal strategy ‘he nominated Munya and TK because he believed they would probably be safe’.

•       Thami’s reasoning was the opposite: he voted for those who were getting complacent. He nominated Munya and Mimi to see how they reacted under nomination pressure.

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•       Ricco nominated TK because of the way he is playing the game, despite knowing that he would probably use his power as Head of House to swap himself out. He nominated Tawana second because she hadn’t quite been the same since her return from the Rubbish Dump.

•       Sheila nominated Hazel because she felt the Malawian was hiding something. Her behaviour suggests that she hopes TK would exchange himself for Hazel should the opportunity arise. Her second vote was for Morris, as usual, because she doesn’t feel he fits into the ‘system’.

•       Mimi nominated Hazel because ‘there’s something very fishy about her” and Uti because of his tantrum. Violence can’t help one this house. He might hurt someone.’

•       Munya entered the Diary Room with Lucille’s shirt draped across his knee. He voted for Uti because his was the first name that came to mind and TK because he was the cause of Lucille’s eviction.

•       Like Mimi, TK voted for Uti because of the tantrum he threw on Sunday. He also nominated Thami because he refused to lift a finger during the group task last week.

Having won the position of Head of House yet again in a quiz challenge, TK was still in a position to influence the nominations. The obvious choice was to replace himself with someone else, which he duly did, nominating Ricco in his place.

So which of the three do you think is most popular?


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