Moi cautions on security talk

October 10, 2008 12:00 am

, NAKURU, October 10 – Retired President Daniel Arap Moi, on the day set aside in his honour, urged Kenyans to refrain from making irresponsible utterances on matters of national security.

He said such matters should be left to the President and Internal Security Minister to comment on.

Moi also reiterated that his day should be commemorated by remembering the less fortunate in society.

The ex-President, 84 years, was speaking during the 19th Moi Day celebrations in Njoro. He spent the day at the Salvation Army school for the mentally handicapped.

Moi Day was declared in October 1989 to commemorate the day he rose to power in 1978 following the death of founding President Jomo Kenyatta.

After his retirement in 2002, Moi rededicated the day to charity. That also meant that the colour that characterizes other national holidays was forgotten.

In Nairobi, a cross-section of Kenyans said Moi Day ought to be marked with pomp and style just like other national holidays.

They told Capital News that the retired President played a major role in uniting the country and ought to be celebrated.

"Moi was a good man, who helped many Kenyans. On a day like this, he would invite people to his Kabarak home and Kabarnet for a feast. He really was a good man," said Musyoka, a taxi driver.

However, others held the view that the day lost meaning after Moi left power. But they weren’t averse to the charity theme.

"It is good to have such a day in honour of the former President to help the less fortunate. He was a good man with a sting personality," said Kamau.



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