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Kenyans lose confidence in Govt

NAIROBI, October 31 – Kenyans are losing confidence in the Grand Coalition government, according to the latest Steadman research.

The institute’s statistics director Tom Wolf revealed on Friday that the government’s rating had dropped to 69 percent, eight points below the 77 percent recorded three months ago.

The lowest approval of the Government was recorded in Eastern Province, in what Mr Wolf said was a sign that the populace was “beginning to get back to their normal routine” after the return of normalcy from post election violence.

“The (coalition) government had been given support for the re-establishment of national peace and security with regard to what happened after the elections, but that’s fading a little bit,” he said.

The Electoral Commission of Kenya has the lowest confidence rating among government institutions, followed by the police force.

The highest-ranked institutions are the media, and Parliament Speaker Kenneth Marende.

According to the poll, 42 percent of Kenyans have confidence with the media, followed by the Speaker of the National Assembly Kenneth Marende with 37 percent. Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s office scored 28 percent while the Office of the President is at 19 percent.

The Vice Presidency has an 18 percent confidence rating, Parliament is at 10 percent, with only seven percent and six percent of Kenyans expressing confidence with the Electoral Commission of Kenya and the Police respectively.

The Steadman poll also portrays a declining support for the major political parties, with ODM’s dropping from 53 to 50 percent, while PNU has a 22 percent approval rating from 29 percent three months ago.

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ODM-K enjoys the support of six percent of Kenyans.

Kanu and Narc-Kenya command only two percent of a following and 16 percent of them do not identify themselves with any party.

“If all the political parties in the country want to continue to exist, they must attempt to come into compliance with the Political Parties Act between now and the end of the year,” Mr Wolf cautioned.


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