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Coalition is united, says Kibaki

NAKURU, October 19 – President Mwai Kibaki has declared that the Grand Coalition Government is indivisible and no petty divisions shall be entertained for the sake of the country’s unity.

Speaking during a meeting with leaders drawn from the vast Rift Valley Province at State House Nakuru, President Kibaki observed that the unity of Kenyans is paramount and cannot be treated casually.

“The unity of all Kenyans is the main focus of the coalition government after the post election challenges,” he said.

The President said that the country underwent a very painful experience early this year due to unnecessary divisions and reminded the leaders that Kenya must remain as one.

The Head of State noted that all Kenyans must be treated equally and their welfare also taken care of equitably in order to foster social cohesion and peaceful intercommunity co-existence.

During the occasion the President advised the Kenyan youth to guard the peace that the country has enjoyed since independence.

President Kibaki noted that a majority of Kenya’s population were citizens below the age of 45 years who may take for granted the peace prevailing in the country since they never experienced the struggle for independence.

The Head of State observed that since the country gained independence all communities in the country have co-existed harmoniously and urged all to rededicate themselves in building a new Kenya.

The President said, “Since Independence, 45years ago Kenyans have lived harmoniously and they must seek forgiveness for what happened early in the year.”

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He further appealed to all citizens to endeavour to live in harmony and support Government’s efforts of promoting equitable development in all parts of the country and improve the living standards of the majority.

“We should reflect on why we behaved violently against one another. We must dialogue amongst ourselves to avert such horrific incidences against fellow citizens in future,” said the Head of State.

The President reminded Kenyans that leaders from all parts of the country have decided to not only unite the citizens but also to work together regardless of their political inclinations to build a new Kenya.

He commended and urged the Provincial administration to continue inculcating the virtues of patriotism and unity among Kenyans in various parts of the country.

With regard to the councilors’ salaries, President Kibaki commended them for their vital contribution in grassroot development and promised that the issue would be addressed to satisfaction after comprehensive consultations.

The President, however, cautioned that no groups of public servants would be accorded preferential treatment in salary rewards adding that all remunerative packages must be realised through sound financial management and increased tax collection because the government cannot borrow to fund such expenditures.

During the occasion President Kibaki told all government institutions to guard against grabbing of public resources. He was responding to allegations that land for Nakuru Municipal Council water supply had been grabbed.

Addressing the same meeting Forestry and Wildlife Minister, Noah Wekesa thanked President Kibaki for ensuring equitable distribution of the national resources through various initiatives.

The occasion was attended by Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka, Deputy Prime Minister and Trade Minister Uhuru Kenyatta, Internal Security Minister Prof George Saitoti, Energy Minister Kiraitu Murungi, Defence Minister Yusuf Haji and PNU Secretary General, George Nyamweya among other members of parliament from the province and beyond.

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