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Sheila saved by the voting bell

NAIROBI, September 16 – Tanzania’s Latoya and Botswana’s Tawana became the first two Big Brother Africa 3 housemates to be ‘evicted’ on Sunday night, but, in an ultimate twist Biggie had another plan and the twosome are still in the game!

Kenya’s Sheila, Latoya and Tawana were summoned to the glass house after Rico stood and sheepishly explained to his fellow housemates that he had not used his position as Head of House to change the nominations.

After a tense wait, KB announced that the first housemate to leave BBA 3 was Latoya. He then surprised them by announcing that a second housemate would be leaving – and called Tawana’s name. Sheila paced around the room, draped in a Kenyan flag, before Big Brother gave the instruction for her to return to the house.

She sauntered back into the lounge to a fairly happy reception before shocking the housemates with the news that both of her fellow nominees had been ordered to leave. 

Meanwhile back in the diary room, wearing blindfolds and patiently waiting instructions were Latoya and Tawana. Big Brother then told them to remove their blindfolds and keep quiet, before explaining that they had not been evicted, but that they would be sent to live in isolation for a week in the Rubbish Dump!

“Next week,” said BB, “one would be evicted and one would return to the house.”

The Rubbish Dump is an annex to the BBA3 house – and it’s everything the name suggests! With graffiti-covered walls, an outside shower and a floor covered in tin cans, CD’s and shredded paper, the Rubbish Dump is a challenging place to spend a week. It’s not all doom and gloom for the ‘evicted’ contestants though – much of the rubbish hides treasure in the form of food and some small surprises which the housemates could find helpful in making their Spartan surroundings a little more comfortable.

With Tawana and Latoya still blindfolded, the duo sat discussing who would be nominated next. Then upon instruction from Big Brother, they removed their blindfolds and had a look at their new surroundings – and laughed! Tawana took the optimistic view that they could clean it up – with Latoya more than a little shocked about the state of their new dwelling!

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Leaving them to pick through the rubbish which defines their new home, KB told the continent that this week, viewers would be voting to eliminate one of those two from Big Brother Africa permanently.

Closing out the show, KB gave viewers a chance to see how the voting had gone. Latoya received 10 country votes, with Tawana on 3 – and not a single one for Sheila! Is that an indication of how the voting will go for the Rubbish Dump-dwelling housemates this week?


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