Sh8b funding for Aids project

September 15, 2008 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, September 15 – The government has launched a Sh8 billion HIV/AIDS project to extend the coverage of prevention and mitigation programs.

The National Aids Control Council Chief Executive Professor Alloys Orago said on Monday that this would be done through sustenance of the institutional performance as well as supporting the implementation of the Kenya National Aids and STD program.

Orago said the project dubbed ‘Total War on Aids’ would be implemented over a period of four years through civil society organisations.

“As soon as the organisations get the money for program implementation, they will be working very closely with the National Aids Control Council’s decentralised structure.  So there will be somebody monitoring whether the activities are being implemented as it appeared in the plan,” Orago said.

He added that finances would also be made available to the public and private sectors as well as research institutions.

This will however be awarded on results-based proposals and activities.

“Sh1.4 billion will also be used for procurement and distribution of some key essential commodities such as condoms – both male and female – and TB drugs for which there is a funding gap,” Orago said.

He however stated that adjustments to procurement may be made during the project period taking into account available funding from other sources.

Public Health Minister, Beth Mugo emphasised the need for preventive measures to stop new infections.

“And the major message is that HIV/AIDS still has no cure so prevention is where our greatest hope is. There are a few people who are beginning to think that now it’s alright. It is not alright, we are all at risk,” she stated.

The project is jointly funded by the government, World Bank and DFID.

According to the recently released Kenya Aids Indicator Survey, about 1.4 million Kenyans are living with HIV/AIDS.