Kalonzo at Thogoto as it turns 100

September 27, 2008 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, September 27 – The government recognises the contribution of the private sector players in the provision of health care in the country, Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka said on Saturday.

Mr. Musyoka particularly lauded the religious organisations for their supplementary role in the health sector.

He noted that the government alone could not fully meet the health demand by the ever-increasing population.

“Private sector players particularly those in the religious sector have been important partners to the government in the provision of health care. Mission hospitals are some of the best managed health institutions and this trend must be encouraged”, he said.

The Vice President was speaking at the PCEA Kikuyu Hospital grounds in Kiambu West District where he represented President Mwai Kibaki during the hospital’s centennial celebration.

During the occasion the Vice President also officially opened an administration block at the Presbytery University of East Africa and later made an extensive tour of the hospital.

Mr. Musyoka commended the Scottish missionaries who established the facility in 1908, noting that the mission had benefited many.

He regretted that despite remarkable efforts to improve health care delivery, the government still faced many challenges.

The Vice President particularly raised concern over the continued inequalities in health service delivery, noting that 30 percent of the rural population have access to health
facilities within four kilometers radius.

Mr. Musyoka added that the doctor: patient ratio was very low, saying that Kenya’s total population wass served by a paltry 5,000 doctors.

“This scenario calls for greater involvement of health care provision by the private sector to bridge the widening gap of access to health services countrywide”, he said.

Mr. Musyoka said the government would explore possibilities of subsidising mission hospitals financially so that they can also offer affordable health services like government

The Vice President assured the PCEA church that the government will respect the stand of the church on the consideration to declare ancient structures at the Kikuyu Mission Hospital a national monument.

Mr. Musyoka said the government has initiated various policy measures to revamp the health sector.

He cited the government’s blueprint – the Kenya Health Policy Framework of 1994, Revise National Health Sector’s Strategic Plan 2005 – 2010.

“This will reverse the declining health trend by focusing on the burden of diseases and the required support system to deliver better services to Kenyans”, Mr. Musyoka noted.

The Vice President said the government was also devolving funds and health management to communities and health care experts at the district, provincial and national hospitals
as well as emphasise more on preventive rather than curative care.

Moderator, PCEA General Assembly, Rt. Rev. Dr. David Githii said the PCEA Church has continued to participate in many areas of human interest that include politics, health care
services and education besides its core duty of spiritual nourishment.

The Moderator challenged Kenyans to accept their sins and go for national repentance so that God may heal the country from the many difficulties it is facing.


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