MP seeks to extend retirement age

August 29, 2008 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, August 29 – The retirement  age for public servants could be increased if Parliament approves two motions by Igembe South legislator Mithika Linturi.

Linturi announced Friday that he had filed proposals to cap the President’s retirement age at 65 years and civil servants at 65 years from the current age limit of 55.

“When someone is over 60 there is a possibility of being manipulated because one becomes less active. The Chief Executive Officer of country should be an energetic and an active person,” he said.

Currently, the constitution only locks out persons below the age of 35 from seeking the Presidency but it does not place an upper limit.

The motion will also block retirees from seeking re-employment in the form of contracts.

Linturi noted that the government would save Sh7 billion if the retirement age was placed at 60 years.

“The government pays Sh11.1 billion to 200,000 pensioners, 70 percent of whom are below 60,” he observed.

Linturi expressed confidence that he would secure backing when Parliament resumes in October.

However, he said he could foresee some resistance in the house considering that several politicians will be affected by his motions.


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