In search of young heroes in slums

August 29, 2008 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, August 29 – Samsung Electronics and Mathare Youth Sports Association (MYSA), have initiated a sports scholarship program for talented youth in the City’s slums.

Samsung General Manager Patricia Kingori, said the “Next Hero” campaign aims to inspire future stars by nurturing their talent.

“For every phone that we sell, we shall donate a percentage of the income to support the next heroes of Kenyan football,” she said.

Through the campaign close to 10,000 boys and girls will participate in a MYSA-organised football training clinic and participate in football tournaments.

In September, 1,500 girls will take part in a two day inter-provincial tournament to be held in Nairobi for the under 13, 16 and over 16 categories.

At the end of the campaign, Kingori explained, 12 heroes and 12 heroines will be selected to join the MYSA Academy, where they will also benefit from education scholarship.

Bob Munrho, the Chairman and founder of MYSA, noted that the campaign would inspire the youth.

“Discipline consistency, hard work and resilience are the hall marks of MYSA’s sporting success,” he noted on the success of the association.


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