Fergie warns against complacency

August 2, 2008 12:00 am

, MANCHESTER, August 2 – Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson on Saturday warned his players that there will be no room for complacency in his squad this season.

United won both the Premier League and Champions League last season but Ferguson now wants his squad to focus of the new campaign.

And he warned that he will not be afraid to move players on if they are not showing the hunger he expects.

"If success has gone to anyone’s head and they show signs they are ready to rest on their laurels, they will soon be on their way," he said.

"Soon I will look into the eyes of my players to make sure they have retained the hunger they need to succeed. Then we will look forward.

"If I don’t see the appetite and ambition, then the bus moves on without anyone who has lost the spark."


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